Our Hostel is located at an elevation of 1'410 metres, just next to the big white

church of Verbier-Village (Route de Verbier 140, 1936 Verbier-Village)




To reach us by public transport from the airport of Geneva (or Zurich) :

  • board first in the interregional train (IR) to Martigny

  • go then on board an other little regional train (R) to Le Châble

  • take lastly the postal bus (BUS) up to the stop « Verbier, Fromagerie » located just in front of us

Such a one way journey in 2nd class of about 2h35min. will cost you (46+11.20+5.20=) 62.40 CHF from Geneva-Airport ; (108+11.20+5.20=) 124.40 CHF for about 4h15min. from Zurich-Airport (! 16.- CHF cheaper but 30min. longer via Lausanne !). Discover the Fares and schedules of the public transports (trains and postal buses) in Switzerland.



To join us by car from Geneva (160km) or Zurich (280km) :

  • take first the A9/E62 highway (! 40.- CHF highway tax sticker compulsory !) towards the Grand-St-Bernard until Martigny

  • following the road sign « Verbier », go then through the Mont-Chemin tunnel which by-passes the city

  • take later the cantonal road till Sembrancher

  • turn off left then always following the road sign « Verbier »

  • once arrived in Le Châble and from its roundabout, drive up lastly the Route de Verbier and its dozen of curves until the big white church of Verbier-Village on your right hand side

Such a journey will last about 1h50min. ; 3h from Zurich. Get here an Itinerary departing from another city.