Our Hostel is located at an elevation of 1'410 metres, just next to the big white

church of Verbier-Village (Route de Verbier 140, 1936 Verbier-Village)




To reach us by public transport from the airport of Geneva (or Zurich) :

  • board first in the interregional train (IR) to Martigny

  • go then on board an other little regional train (R) to Le Châble

  • take lastly the postal bus (BUS) up to the stop « Verbier, fromagerie » located just in front of us

Such a one way journey in 2nd class of about 2h35min. will cost you 62.40 CHF (46+11.20+5.20) from Geneva-Airport ; 124.40 CHF (108+11.20+5.20) for about 4h15min. from Zurich-Airport (! 16.- CHF cheaper but 30min. longer via Lausanne !).

Discover the Fares and schedules of the public transports (trains and postal buses) in Switzerland or download the synoptic file hereafter :

Timetables of the principal postal and railway connections departing from Verbier 2016-17



To join us by car from Geneva (160 kilometres) or Zurich (280 kilometres) :

  • take first the A9/E62 highway (! 40.- CHF highway tax sticker compulsory !) towards the Grand-St-Bernard until Martigny

  • following the road sign « Verbier », go then through the Mont-Chemin tunnel which by-passes the city

  • take later the cantonal road till Sembrancher

  • turn off left then always following the road sign « Verbier »

  • once arrived in Le Châble and from its roundabout, drive up lastly the Route de Verbier and its dozen of curves until the big white church of Verbier-Village on your right hand side

Such a journey will last about 2h ; 3h15min. from Zurich. Get more information regarding an Itinerary departing from another city.